Wheat Bun Parotta

Hey guys, its Rajashri here, it’s so wonderful to meet you in Raju’s Kitchen. Today we are gonna make Wheat Bun Parotta so, wash your hands, put your apron let’s get cooking

Required Ingredients

Wheat flour - 2.5 cup Sugar - 1 tablespoon Milk - 1/2 cup (preferably Cow milk) Oil - 1/4 cup (preferably Groundnut oil) Water - as required Salt - to taste Oil - for frying (preferably Groundnut oil)

Dear readers, if we take Parotta, these are like Bugatti Veyron. It consumes more oil to give the desired result. If you want to experience ‘the experience of tasting it’ there is no other go. Without the oil there is no Parotta, so please don’t curse me for using more oil in the dish. Now, take a bowl to prepare the dough for our parotta, with the wheat flour add sugar, salt, milk, oil and batter well. Add water little by little and make a soft dough. It shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. Knead it for about 10 minutes and cover it with a damp cloth. After 10 minutes beat the dough in plain surface greased with oil. More the power you give more the softness you get. This will give a smooth texture to the dough. Grease the dough with some more oil and close it and rest it for about 2 hours. This step allows the sugar particles to break down and ferment. At the end of 2 hours, the dough should look a bit bulkier, like how this quarantine made us all. After 2 hours, roll the dough like a rod and cut the dough into pieces. For making the dough balls, malish the dough pieces from inside out. This step enables the dough balls to become free from cracks. With 2.5 cups of wheat flour, we can make about 8-10 dough balls. Apply oil on top of each dough ball and let it rest for another 30 minutes. Apply oil to the rolling pin and to the surface in which you gonna roll the dough. Take a dough ball and flatten it as thin as possible it should become like a translucent white cloth through which our hands should be partially visible. With the flat dough make close pleats and roll it in circles. Now gently press the roll with your palm. However, don’t forget to apply more oil on your palm. Make sure that your parotta is not so thin. It should be thicker than the regular parotta since we are making bun parotta today. Heat a Tawa, preferably an Iron tawa, grease it with oil and make sure that the Tawa is in low flame. Place the rolled dough and cook the parotta in low flame. Turn the sides regularly until it gets cooked well; remember that the thickness is a bit bulky so give some extra cooking time for the inner sides of the parotta. Once the parotta gets cooked well, take it out of the tawa and keep it in a hotbox to keep it warm. Repeat the process for the rest of the rolled dough. Once it is done, arrange the parottas one above the other and beat it from the outside so that it becomes flaky and soft. That’s it guy’s; we made wheat bun parotta. Do try it in our home and let me know how it tastes in the comment section below. Happy cooking.

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