Walking Out

Written By Jaskaran Singh

Probably wondering while waiting for something to happen, what it is going to be, after the moment is gone. To predict the next moment after the one you are in or you are waiting for is not that an easy job. Well, take an example; you made an appointment with the doctor because you probably ate something bad, or too much, or you didn't wear a jacket in the cold as your mom said. So you first wait for the other patients to go in with the doctor, and you are after. Your jittery mood gets an add-on because of the 'impatient patients' with pale faces waiting beside you on the long benches outside the doctor's room. You have to wait until it is your turn to go in. Most probably avoiding any eye contact with other patients, and to look for a possible patient chair to sit calmly. And then the doctor asks your permission for the most hygienic thing, say, "lemme wash my hands first?" Here you wait again. Sure. Why not? You wait, maintaining the awkward silence and the incoming of patients behind you, waiting outside for their appointments with the doctor, just like you did a while ago. So, when you think you heard someone coming in, and you were amused as the doctor is in and he's going to examine you, and you're going home. Meanwhile, you're also worried if the footsteps you heard weren't just another patient, duh! Anyways, he makes his way through, and here he comes after you've waited long enough. And, there's a sudden relief within the room. He examines you, asks a few questions, and prescribes you some meds and surely some precautions too. Then, you have to walk into the most awkward situation; walking past the patients who are wondering about what took you so long with the doctor. Well, the judging game is even stronger if you were out in no time. Yes, that's what the people do. They judge you every time you are ‘walking out.’ They speculate events; to make sense of what could be the reason for something possibly happening or happened.It's like an unswerving knock on the door of temper. That makes me think that people sometimes do not deserve your attention. But if they do, they are more than just some random people judging you every time you are walking or passing by.

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