Written by Vishnu Vardhan

I thought it’s gonna be the end, at the beginning of this year, to my surprise; the year’s gonna end for a new beginning. Millions lost their lives and others; their loved ones. We acclimated to the new normal with some abnormal conditions following it. Some died of walking, some died for being still, and some eventually died for no reason. Even after all this, we moved on, moved on for something good to happen, at least we hope so. Most of us are still scared; I hope we will, as long as we live and breathe.

Nature reminds us once again with its melodramatic play that we are just humans with all those fancy toys we own; we felt weak; we felt more human. Yeah, the point is taken but at what cost? On the flip side, this year reintroduced ourselves; back to us. When the doors are shut, and there is no one to pretend for, we did what we love to do. Actually, we discovered what we love to do in the first place. Despite the fact that millions are dead already and counting, the joy of being alive never disappoints to surprise us.

With a year full of mixed emotions and a highly uncertain future, it drives me speechless. I don’t even know what to expect anymore. Shakespeare said;

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances;”

it perhaps means that it’s all scripted; Life is scripted. We ought to do, what we ought to do. We are being forced to ascertain the fate or reality that life is meaningless. We don’t have a choice, but to accept everything that’s been thrown on our face and we are pretty ugly by now.

If you are still reading this, I can understand why you do so. You are like me, a seeker of truth, we always are. Sometimes the truth isn’t good enough, observing a tsunami from a far distance is a wonderful sight to watch in spite of its destructions. Truth is relative, it’s what we believe and we can’t be right all the time. One good friend of mine said, “Stop expecting and to start accepting things.” Well, that’s what I would like to say to you too. Either it’s in the game of cricket or the last year of this decade, 2020 is highly unpredictable.

Happy 2021…

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