The Man in the Mirror

Written by Vishnu Vardhan

Quite often, we see ourselves in the mirror and presume that it’s a reflection of our self, but it’s not. We just show; what we wanted to see in the mirror. No one gonna show their B – side and try to enjoy it. Perhaps you technically get the reflection of your muscles and some visible organs but, ‘you’ the person is hiding inside those muscles and bones. Whom we quite often forget to pay attention to and became a mere stranger to us. You may know him as someone you heard off but not the one you actually are. He may try to stop you from being fallen for the wrong person, suggested some songs, make you order your favorite food, yet remained unknown. The reason we don’t see him often is that we don’t want him to be seen.

The last time when I saw him, he was maybe 15 or 16 years old boy. For the past six years, I don’t know where he was and how he was. Actually, I didn’t care about him, just forgot that there is a person like that, and moved on with life. I started to miss him when I took certain decisions in life that I may not have taken if I were still the same person. I missed him when I woke up late, skipped my breakfast, texting with friends during class hours, returned home late, spent half of the sleep time on social media, and it repeats.

As I already mentioned that no one is willing to show their B – side. So, I concealed some of the horrible things I have done these years and wrote some of the universally accepted behaviors of college students to give you the point. Now, when I stand in front of the mirror, most of my face is covered with facial hair and other parts by my spectacle; even I couldn’t say that it’s me. Over the years, I have changed so much that my very identification of myself has become obsolete and not clear.

I started to search for him, for months, I couldn’t find him and finally found him in some darkroom in my home where I left him before six years. He just came to me after he made me beg: like a dog, for weeks. But he is not changed; even a cell, as to say. Same old, same old. Now, when I stand in front of a mirror, I could see that ‘the man in the mirror’ is not me. I am someone who is inside that: reflected through my actions, recognized by my talents, and loved for my character. Next time, when you are in front of a mirror, try to look into yourself instead of looking at yourself. It may help you to find yourself again in life.

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