Spotlight – The Darkness Among Us

Written by Vishnu Vardhan

Directed by Tom McCarthy in the year 2016, the movie won the academy award for best picture and original screenplay. Despite casting some of the well-known like Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo, the story is the lead character of the movie. Dating back to 2001, this movie depicts how ‘spotlight’ (crime investigation team) of the Boston Globe newspaper, after a yearlong struggle uncovered sexual abuse of children in Boston by the church authorities from 1976. This two-hour drama penned by Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer “created a really real-life, authentic, true-to-history story” according to ‘Sacha Pfeiffer’ (member of spotlight). Spotlight depicts reality. The reality that no man can be perfect all the time, finds his trial one day or another.

Throughout the movie, Boston has been portrayed; as a deep-rooted catholic community, which restrains themselves from questioning the authority of the church. It is evident when the movie picturised the cruel intentions of the priests and other church authorities were considered as the ‘act of God’ and believed as a service to God. Spotlight differentiates itself from its predecessors and its successors of the same genre (Biography/Journalistic Drama) because the story tries to establish a series of crimes happening in the city of Boston which is, already well known to its people, but no one is willing to take measures in stopping it. Actually, this city is being saved from this cruelty by some of the outsiders like Mike Rezendes (Mark Ruffalo), Marty Baron (Liev Schreiber), and Mitchell Garabedian (Stanley Tucci).

You might miss some action, blood, and death while uncovering a crime, yet you will be satisfied; with the emotions and empathy provided by the characters. Even though some of the real-life incidents were not cent percent, the film never moved out of its line and created any unrealistic events. The interactions between the characters were simple and relatable to most of the audience is an appreciable factor for its huge success. Spotlight tries to cast some light on the dark corners of the human mind driven by lurid greed and pride with its facts based engaging storyline and character details. In fact, Spotlight team of the Boston Globe newspaper won a ‘Pulitzer Prize for public service’ in the year 2003 for their series of articles (more than 600 stories) about the Catholic Church child abuse scandal and its systemic cover-up by the Archdiocese. No wonder that Spotlight will remain forever in the top 10 of its genre. In addition to that, we must remember its performance on the academy awards competing with some of the finest of that year like Bridge of Spies and Mad Max: Fury Roads.

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