Written By Vaishnavi

Another summer day where I lie down lazily in the courtyard and witness my 8-year old niece making a fuss. He says it's Nintendo's time and refuses to step out of his room. It's not just today - this happens almost every day. It is, indeed, a sad reality that today's generation has failed to appreciate the beauty of life. Shunning themselves to the four walls of their room and trying to crack new levels of video games is their version of an "adventurous" life. When I think of what adventure meant to an 8-year old me, it's a roller coaster ride down my memory lane. Every time I fell asleep on the sofa, I would magically wake up on the bed. To me, "Adventure" means; wearing dad's shirt and using his shaving cream and getting myself cleaned enough to not get caught!

The thought of missing "Looney Tunes" and "Thomas & Friends" while getting ready for school was painful - but meeting my friends at school and discussing worldly issues was worth it. "Do kids discuss worldly issues?" You may ask but, we had to emotionally prepare our friend for the struggle that she needs to face for committing the mistake of hastily consuming an orange seed and to live up to the prophecy of bearing an orange tree in her stomach. We had to raise our voice against the injustice of being offered chocolates only on Independence Day, and fight for our right to freedom; for wearing coloured dresses every day but, we are the minority community that was least heard!

Coming home for hot-hot food but being expected to refresh before eating it was sheer brutality! It didn't end there. Our favourite shows were our parents' trump card for making us do anything. And the nightmare of confessing to our parents about breaking/losing our school stationeries...!

It is funny how today's kids are very fascinated by kinetic sand but do not understand the beauty of making sandcastles! Netflix and YouTube may play shows at people's comfort, but the excitement of waiting eagerly to watch your favorite show; is a whole new feeling. The joy of making cookies with mom during the weekends, the joy of sharing it, and the joy of getting ourselves messy with playdoughs and paintball (a joy that no video game can match). Our world doesn't confine in the screens of gadgets. We were busy living the moment, rather than capturing and posting them.

I feel bad for today's generation, for they may not have much to tell while defining "an adventurous childhood." This lockdown is a great chance to pull your kids out of this vicious cycle of gadgets and video games. Use this chance to redefine what "adventure" can really mean to them.

At the end of the day, ask yourself: If you haven't fought for the TV remote; if you haven't discussed ghost stories with your cousins at night; if you haven't played pillow fight if you haven't fought over who sleeps next to your favourite cousin; if you haven't freaked out over apologising to mom for breaking her favourite vase whilst playing.

Have you lived an "adventurous childhood?"

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