Divine Art Narrating Coordination and Expression

Written by Jayaprada Balaji

D-a-n-c-e isn’t just a movement of your body. It’s magical interaction that connects your body and soul so, no wonder if people often refer to dance as a hidden language of the soul. Dancing is not just about moving your body parts, it is a pathway of expressing one’s own deepest inner thoughts; channeled via expressions. Dancing not only relaxes our body but has various health benefits: Continuous oscillation of eye movement during dancing strengthens the optic nerves and the chances of getting eye damages or infections relating to it are very less. Besides getting a good body posture and healthy balance, due to the continuous practice session, the training will pave the way to secure a well flexible body. A large routine is to be performed by dancers on stage, thereby increasing the concentration. This art will also help in attaining optimum body weight, acquiring self-confidence which in turn benefits the individual in developing social contacts. Aramandi (half sit) and Muzhumandi (full sit) strengthens the thigh muscles, leg, ankle and strengthens the uterus too. Atami which is a move used in the Bharatanatyam portrays; neck movement that strengthens the shoulder and spinal cord. The main benefit of this divine art is that since most of the body parts will be in movement; it will provide physical exercises to different parts of the body, thereby improving the proper respiratory, digestive, circulatory functions of the body, and improves bone density. The continuous body movement will exhibit a healthy body posture in a well-balanced manner. Considering all health benefits no other gym or physical workout could match or equalize this divine art of Bharatanatyam. So fitness freaks out there! you have an easy option to attain fitness, just wear salangai and start dancing today. Happy dancing!

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