Cocoon over Berry Leaves

Written by Vishnu Vardhan

People I know and don’t lend thy ears,

Won’t care much if you shun

I write some rhyme over time anyway,

Not for you to read I suppose

I write to vent, and to keep me sane,

Stopping from killing myself again

Every word I scrawl has a piece of me,

Don’t wanna others a part - to be.

Perhaps being too greedy, or too shy,

Won’t allow my thoughts get by

May it be within the borders of a wrapper,

The way I wish to credit.

Letting others see my emo - not so subtle,

I choose to abstain from a demo.

Neither so ripe to have my flights,

Nor just a cocoon over berry leaves.

The speaker is quite immature to express her feelings through this poem. She has mixed feelings regarding whether she is an introvert or not. The last two lines explain the same while she describes that she is neither a fully grown butterfly nor a cocoon over the berry leaves. At the same time, throughout the poem, she tries to establish herself to be an introvert. In the first stanza, she expresses that she is not much concerned whether you read her poem or not. She claims that she writes to let her depressions go away and to keep her sane and stop her from killing herself again in the second stanza. The last two lines of the first two stanzas will make sense when you read them together. She addresses herself as a writer, but she doesn't want others to read it. Because every poem she wrote has a part of herself so, she is reluctant to show her true self to others. For the rest of the poem, she repeats herself. In the third stanza, she describes that her works were confined within the borders of a paper because she is either greedy or shy to give it to the readers. And she chooses a way to give herself some credit is by hiding it. Since her conception of others opinion on her emotions was highly complex, she chose not to reveal it in front of others.

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