Bitten Straws

Written by Swarna latha

Far, far away from the madding crowd,

With you, I felt like dwelling amidst the clouds.

Golden were those days, e'ry nerve aghast.

To climb up the Eiffel and shout your name, wasn't any uphill task.

Chuffed to bits was I, not once or twice, every time,

I saw you pick my lemon tea glass dainty, post a tender gaze,

Gulp tiny drops of residue, for it was your Elixir,

And to replay this a thousand times has been my favorite leisure.

Damn! the sight of bearded Adonis beholding my bitten straws.

Despite despair mounting to its peak,

Feeling Wounded, broken and weak,

I choose to wave and walk past meek.

Considered Countless pressings on the unblock option,

Clicked them back, as I sensed my conscience, caution.

It's been a decade and not once has my ritual swayed,

Recollected the penultimate meet it was,

For I sadly hoped you'd visit my corpse,

If not for anything else, my absence must at least mean a loss.

I staunch believed I was the one never replaced.

For Straight two minutes, we gazed, then crushed our hands interlaced.

Died to stay there some more time, exasperated, my emotions paced.

Half I frightened uttering something in haste,

Half I sensed crying over the spilt milk a complete waste.

Damn! the sight of bearded Adonis beholding my bitten straws.

The epic ending began like this,

A cozy evening at the most coveted café in the countryside supposedly meant a complete bliss,

Lighting thundered, drizzles hit the windowpane,

Beyond stood classic street lamps, exhibiting pitch dark, eerie lanes.

Virgin nature befitting a country of such stature,

Yet my eyes set upon you, staring at you for the zillionth time, yet to me, you still look new.

Few were the words enunciated, yet it immensely impacted.

Bustling with the crowd Rustic walls rumbled with rumpus,

In contrast, we stood in silence around the compass.

Deep down fumed cries of violence,

To decipher emotions felt like an offense,

So I smiled back and decided to live on pretense.

Here I am recollecting the best days of my existence.

Damn! the sight of bearded Adonis beholding my bitten straws.

Abruptly the recollections stopped cascading,

To my surprise, gradually, the images started fading.

Oh! Now it does strike, Exhausted was I fancying, so I couldn't forbid my sleep initiating.

Turned aside and spotted you half asleep, I began smiling.

To wake you up and narrate my nightmare, I was dying.

Slowly, my droopy eyes got laid, instantly, reminiscence resurfaced.

That night, to never look at your face again, I had a valid cause,

But Before I could walk far, I saw a Lightning McQueen pause.

While walking out of the café whining,

I firmly thought you might look for new beginnings.

Little did I know, in search of me, hours have placed your hands on the steering.

The night of separation taught me the value of our bonding,

And exactly a month later, in the same café, I see you kneeling.

I woke you up all of a sudden and asked leaning,

Tiffany ring back then should have taken a toll on your entire earnings,

It was never the ring, but those bitten straws half saggy bagged you honey, is what you said screaming.

Dear most, bearded Adonis beholding bitten my straws


Set at the backdrop of virgin countryside in Europe, the following poetry revolves around the life of a couple deeply in love. As teenagers, they have shared a long-distance relationship for the past few years. Every time they meet, it's filled with moments of happiness and complete bliss! Of all the beautiful occurrences, the girl fondly remembers leaving a glass of lemon tea half-drunk with straws almost bitten and soggy on top of it. The guy fondly picks it up, gazes at her, and lovingly sips it (damn! the sight of a bearded Adonis (handsome young man) beholding bitten straws. Sadly as time flew, even their occasional café meet ups kept getting postponed. Consequently, this had led to a blame game, and they decided to break up. One last time they decided to meet at a café before the breakup. They tried hard to express their feelings but in vain. Post this, both of them choose to diverge. Suddenly images fade, and the characters disappear. A woman wakes up to find she has been dreaming all while about her past that happened almost a decade ago. She wishes to wake her husband up and narrate the entire dream. However, she finds her husband in a deep slumber, so she returned to bed. Ironically, in her real life, she had not broken up with her lover. After she walks out of the café, her lover starts searching for her the whole night and finally finds her. They realize that living in the absence of each other merely seemed impossible. Exactly, a month later , he kneels down before her and proposes her for marriage at the same cafe where they planned to break up . Ten years since then , they have stood by the words , of their pastor ; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death we do part.

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