Andhadhun And Ambiguous Endings

Written by Aditya Krishnan

The mystery regarding the blindness of Akash in the ending of Andhadhun remains unrevealed. The director opens up in a press meet that there is no fixed climax for Andhadhun. It is up to the perspective of the audience. Based on the various viewpoints and theories, this article explains, the possibilities of the climax regarding the blindness of Akash with a reasonable justification. As this story travels from the viewpoint of Akash, here are some of the probabilities he would have portrayed in us.

  • AKASH IS BLIND: It appears to general audience that Akash is blind while the movie ends. However, the discontinuity in the back story of Simi's escape from the kidnappers and Akash clears a soda tin from his way with his stick in the last frame make things suspicious about the ending as well as his blindness. It might just be a coincidence or the director's touch to confuse the stability of the mind of the audience. As far as Akash is blind, the back story, which was narrated by him, is true.

  • AKASH IS PARTIALLY BLIND: In the opening frame, a one-eyed hare gets shot, which might be foreshadowing the partial blindness of Akash. Also, the scene where Simi poisons the sweet to Akash, he becomes unconscious. As soon as he wakes up after the departure of Sophie, both his eyes will be shown as blind. But, in a particular scene of dipping the face of Akash in water, only his left eye is shown as blind for a second. After that scene, Akash appears with his blind glasses in almost every scene. Akash may have acted as completely blind in front of Simi to save his other eye from such a cruel woman. In this case, the back story of Akash is Partially true.

  • AKASH GOT HIS EYE BACK: This ending might top the other theories in the accuracy as well as the logic. Akash narrates his back story as two parts. The first part of his flashback ends when the doctor convinces Akash to steal the organs of Simi, whereas he remains confused. Later, when Sophie meets Akash in a foreign country, she asks for the rest of the story. Akash explains that he did not harm Simi, and so she let him go after the realization of his innocence. The last frame of hitting the soda tin might be an indirect reference from the director to reveal that Akash got his eye back and lied to Sophie. The very first scene asks us a question, what is life? And replies that 'It depends upon the liver.' This adds strength to this theory and proves that Akash lied. As the first back story ends when the doctor convinces Akash to steal the organs of Simi, he remains silent. It might be another indirect reference from the director to show that Akash lied in the second back story. The back story might be split into two parts to resemble the difference between the truth and lie. According to this theory, we can conclude that the First back story narration by Akash is True; and the Second one is False.

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