A Little Far Away

Written by Vishnu Vardhan

Letters from west flew a country mile here

Adorned my racks as alluring as ever

Waited so long to have them read

Until I recite back to myself- again and again.

Depict thy beauty, a quotidian routine of mine,

Hope not to let slip the countenance over time.

Wish I could hear you breathe around my neck,

Let the whims and fancies spread over the deck.

Hoarded the half, with every ducat I make,

Desired to see you, as soon as I can

Filled my boots with all shinplaster I own

Made it half-way yet, you are a little far away.

This poem describes the life of a refugee who migrated to some of the eastern parts of the world. That's why he receives his wife's letters from the west. He amuses that those letters were decorating his shelves like the same way how the memories in it decorate his heart. He goes on saying that he waits for those letters for a long time, which makes him read those letters again and again until he could remember those words without seeing it. He describes that his days pass by portraying the beauty of his wife to his fellow men.And he does that so that he won't forget her face, which describes the hardship faced by the speaker as a refugee in a country. And the last two lines in the second stanza metaphorically express the desire of the speaker to be with his wife and have some good time. In the end, the speaker decides to visit his wife, and he saves money for the journey. However, he could get his hands-on only to shinplasters (money which has lower denomination value). With the money in his pocket, he could reach only to the halfway of the journey. And he describes the other half as 'a little far away' because he is passionate to reach his destination and he can't fail.

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